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People join companies, but they leave bosses. We believe people should join companies because of GREAT bosses. We enable great managers to showcase their management strength in order to attract talent and boost their own careers.

We conduct a review of the management style of a boss by his or her own employees. If the results are favourable, then we link the results of the manager review to job ads that the manager is trying to fill. In this way, talented career-seekers can see exactly what the boss will be like to work for even before applying for the interview. We also link the results of a favourable review to the manager’s resume, enhancing his or her appeal to executive recruiters and head-hunters.

The manager review itself is also quite revolutionary, and solves a problem that has been haunting the 360 degree survey industry for decades. Traditionally, managers have been unable to follow up on anonymous feedback from employees, due to the need to protect the identities of the respondents. Our system solves this problem by enabling managers to follow up on any comment or rating by means of a private online text conversation with the employee concerned. The employee remains anonymous throughout these interactions. The tool is very effective in opening the lines of communication between the manager and his or her staff.

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