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$6.5 Million Series B on November 12, 2010
Fusion Garage is the developer of Project Fuse, a program where users can use the browser as an operating system.
Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan
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FusionGarage was founded in Feb 2008. Fusion Garage has been working on Project Fuse since its founding.

Project Fuse - "The browser as an operating system ".

So far, the promise of the Web OS has been just that. - A promise. "What if the browser could boot without an OS? How different would the world be?" Project Fuse is an operating system with the browser at its core. The idea essentially, is the browser as an OS. An UI experience that ties the browser OS with various web services.(inspired by Jeff Raskin & his "humane interface"). Enables a new hybrid of low cost devices with a variety of form factors that is cloud driven. No distinction between a mobile and a laptop. They will be connected and have a SIM. (only distinction- that of form factors) Deals with fragmentation of the web and enables a unification of web services. For example, an universal contact list that ties the various presence of an individual on the web along with his mobile. Additionally, the OS is built with a social wrap that enables it to be socially active. Communication will be unified.(blogs, social networks, emails and IMs amongst others.) Addresses the problem of information overload. Apps will work both online and offline. Developers can truly write once for the web and have it working across a variety of devices.

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