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Maple Ridge, BC
Fotki is a digital photo sharing, video sharing, and media social networking website and web service suite.
Pavel Merdin, Katrin Lilleoks, Igor Shoifot, Dmitri Don
B2B, Printing, Networking, Journalism, Video, Photography, Curated Web

Detailed Description


Fotki is a well established and inventive photo sharing, video sharing and media social networking website serving to over 1.7 million members since 1998 and keep growing every day.

The service offers unlimited storage space for digital images to Premium account holders and 3000MB+ to regular Free members.

Fotki is fully packed with all latest web2.0 features.

It also offers blogging (similar to LiveJournal or Blogger), and online photo printing services. Fotki community tools allow tagging photos and videos, detailed profiling, saving and organizing links (similar to, as well as photo and member search.

Fotki has accounts of two types: Free and Premium. Free accounts come with basic Fotki features and have a starting 3GB+ storage space limit. Premium accounts come with unlimited storage space and advanced features and tools.

Fotki offers an extensive tool-set for professional photographers: watermarking, custom pricing and photo selling; co-branding with existing web sites and fully customizable design.

Fotki is renowned for its flexible privacy control settings and allows their users to control every aspect of their site: comments, access to pages, album/photo statistics and all social features. So you have a full privacy control over all data available to your visitors.

Fotki also offers turnkey b2b photo-sharing and video-sharing solutions to such clients as Sears, Telecom Italia and many others.

Competitors offering somewhat similar services include: Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak, Picasa, Fabrik, Flickr, SmugMug, PBase, and Fotki

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  • Fotki HQ

    13071 240 Street


    Maple Ridge, BC V4R 0A5


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