Company Overview

May, 2010
Eli Rosenburg, Justin Massa, Benjamin Stanley, Eric Cooper
Chicago Heights, IL
Startups, Analytics
Food Genius provides big data by analysing restaurant menus for the food industry.

Detailed Description


Food Genius™ is an award-winning technology and services company that delivers big data and insight solutions to the food industry. Currently tracking over 50 million menu items from over 87,000 unique menus at more than 350,000 restaurant locations, Food Genius provides robust industry analysis and actionable insights through our proprietary technology-based approach to big data. As a leading insight provider, Food Genius serves nationally recognized restaurant chains, convenient store and grocery retailers, consumer packaged goods manufacturers and food distributors such as Applebee’s, Kraft, Procter & Gamble and Safeway. Food Genius is a recipient of the Chicago Innovations “Up-and-Comer” Award and was named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2013 100 Brilliant Companies list.

Food Genius is a technology company made of people who are passionate about food and technology. We use proprietary data technologies to drive innovation by making data and insights accessible and easily digestible to the food industry. Our goal is to understand all of what America currently eats and drinks and will want to eat and drink in the future. We strive to become the preeminent data and insights provider to the food industry.

Food Genius is on a mission to provide manufacturers, restaurant and grocery chains and foodservice distributors with actionable insights and data solutions to drive growth and spur innovation.

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  • Food Genius

    1144 W Fulton Market


    Chicago Heights, IL 60607


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