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FluidHTML is a new markup language that greatly expands the application of rich media on the web.

Rich Internet Applications are growing rapidly and globally. Yet the most common rich media languages, are hard to learn and use and are not search engine indexable.

FHTML, Inc., was founded in March of 2009 to tackle this problem and to significantly simplify and empower development of rich media websites, content and applications for the web.

FluidHtml, The Company’s product, is a new markup language that dynamically generates Flash™ content. Structured like HTML, FluidHtml allows any web developer to dynamically generate Rich Media sites and applications and is compatible with all major browsers. FluidHtml solves the Flash™ search problem by exposing the markup text to search engines. Now web publishers can combine the human appeal of rich media with all the business benefits of the web.

FluidHtml has several additional important benefits. It runs in Flash, which is ubiquitous and which is consistent across all browsers. FluidHtml integrates seamlessly with server-side web technologies such as Java, .NET and PHP. And it includes a liquid layout engine with significantly more flexibility than CSS.

FluidHtml is free to developers and we provide an open API to allow the community to extend the language. When a site or application is ready to go to production, we charge publishers a low annual fee for use of the language. The language is ready for use and we are presently in the final stages of delivery with initial customers, to be announced shortly.

To learn more about FluidHtml, please visit www.fluidhtml.com.

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