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$300 Thousand in 1 Round from 1 Investor
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$300 Thousand Seed on December 1, 2010
Floxx is a location-based anonymous microblogging social network.
Rich Martell
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Floxx is a location based anonymous microblogging social network. The original concept was invented by Floxx's predecessor, the FitFinder. The essence of the platform centres around anonymously posting both a location and description of an attractive person whom one has spotted; this post is then immediately placed on that location feed, where it can be viewed by anyone who is on viewing that space either on a computer or remotely using a mobile app.

The concept of the the original site, FitFinder, was conceived by Rich Martell, a 21-year-old computer science undergraduate studying at University College London (UCL). The website first launched in April 2010. Martell and friends would text each other when they spotted an attractive girl. This concept of informing the world about someone or something in a location planted the idea in his mind to create a website to allow people to do this more easily. In one evening the first version of the site was built. It immediately spread and became instantly viral. In the first few hours the site had over 2,000 users and had to be taken down due to overcapacity. Once the site was back online again, its popularity grew to nearly 20,000 visitors in the first weekend and growing to over 250,000 in four weeks. The initial success was met with huge demand for the expansion of FitFinder to more universities across the UK.

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