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January 1, 2011
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Fits helps employers to proactively reach out to qualified candidates to fulfill their openings. By scanning the social web and the massive public information people contribute on the internet, employers will have greater ability to target people with ease.

Fits is a category defining company in what is known as the Proactive Hiring Solutions category. It is our belief that hiring should not be treated as an one-time effort but a consistent long term approach. With the increasing war on talent, it is crucial for employers to proactively reach out to a selected few candidates and build long lasting engagement with them. The traditional Reactive Hiring Solutions (e.g. job boards, Applicant Tracking Systems) takes the approach of job posting and wait for qualified candidates to apply, more often than not this approach fails to obtain the best talent for the organization.

Fits offer a set of services and tools to make proactive hiring possible. Along the way, we are also trying to make recruiting fun.

Past Team (1)

  • 7d9a3a025f36b5973eed06b283ed14c0

    Joy Fan

    Brand Management Consultant
    2006 - Jan, 2006

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  • HQ

    4655 Old Ironsides Dr

    Ste 450

    Santa Clara, CA 95054


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