Funding Received
$450 Thousand in 1 Round from 3 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$450 Thousand Angel on January 5, 2008
Sammamish, WA
Feedjit is a real-time traffic feed providing clients an insight into visitors who come into their blog or website.
Kerry Boyte, Mark Maunder
Analytics, Real Time, Web Tools, Curated Web

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Feedjit makes a real-time live traffic feed that lets you see who is visiting your blog or website in real-time. They show both anonymous visitors and the identity of any Feedjit members who visit. If you click on a visitor identity you are taken directly to that person's online profile on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else on the web.

Clicking a link at the bottom of the live traffic feed that is installed on your website lets you go to a page that lets you see visits as they happen.

Feedjit also offers a range of other products including a commercial real-time traffic product that provides more detailed statistics and lets you see individual page views.

Feedjit currently serves over 1 Billion widget impressions per month and is installed on well over 500,000 blogs and websites.

The site was created by a husband and wife team Mark Maunder and Kerry Boyte. They previously worked on a vertical search engine which was sold to in late 2005.

Feedjit received funding in 2008 from Naval Ravikant (Founder EPinions and, Aydin Senkut (former senior manager at Google) and Georges Harik (former head of new products at Google).

Competitors include MyBlogLog.

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    Live Traffic Feed

    Live Traffic Feed was launched in 2013
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    Live Traffic Map

    Live Traffic Map shows you the last hundred visitors to your blog on a map. You can customize the...

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    2721 E Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE

    Sammamish, WA 98075-7423


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    Live Traffic Stream Stats
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