January 20, 2010
Image video retrieval
Computer Vision, Search

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In 2014, almost a trillion digital images will be captured worldwide. Today, taking a picture means “shoot and forget.” We have so many images on our phone these days that we will never be able to find it again next year. This is the problem Euvision Technologies solves.

Euvision is a high-tech company specialized in image and video recognition. Our Impala software “looks” into digital images and videos and recognizes what’s in. For instance, Impala can recognize cats, dogs, sunsets, handguns, text messages, and so on.

As a spin-off from the University of Amsterdam, we had our software benchmarked at the renowned NIST video search competition. For eleven consecutive years, our software was recognized as one of the top three programs worldwide. We’ve also successfully participated at other challenges as ImageNet and Pascal VOC.

Our business is gaining traction: Today our clients license our technology in three different industries. First, our software fully automatically moderates social media platforms and video chat rooms by removing unwanted content. Second, our iOS and Android Impala apps enable users to find images on their mobile phones where our technology is the first in the world to run 100% on mobile. Third, our software is used for image and video search in forensic and enterprise applications.

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