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ErkekPaketi.com is an e-commerce subscription service that delivers men underwear, socks, shaving products and condoms on a schedule. It is essentially a creative, quick, cheap way for guys to stay stocked on t-shirts, boxers and socks.

The customers are given three options to choose -every three months, every two months and every month or whenever they need it- for their packs to be delivered. The ones that doesn’t want to subscribe and try the products first are also given the chance to buy at once.

The team’s goal is to find out men who don’t have time and hate to go for shopping. As it is mentioned on their motto “You have more important things to do” they give men more time to achieve the goals they aspire to.

Consumers begin by choosing one of six prepared subscription packages, all of which are high quality brands. The Macho Pack includes three t-shirts, three boxers and three pairs of socks for free. At the opposite end of the scale is the Socks package, which includes three pairs of socks. If these packages don't fit to consumer’s needs, they can click the “create your own pack” buton and make their own pack in between much more different types of brands. Consumers can specify the colours and the styles they prefer. They can cancel and change the frequency at any time.

Currently Erkek Paketi ships only within Turkey, but it aims to expand to Middle East and Russia in the near future.

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