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Epidemic Sound is reinventing production music with the first library that gives visual content creators use of professional-quality soundtracks in any country, on any platform, forever, for only a small fee. No additional charges are ever required of anyone, which is unique for a professional quality library, and extremely rare in the overall production music business. The reason why Epidemic Sound can do this is because it doesn’t represent music, it owns it. Epidemic Sound buys music directly from composers when tracks are created, rather than making the artists wait and rely on collection societies to send royalty checks at an unknown, totally unpredictable time. As a result, Epidemic Sound gives today’s generation of musicians a new way to make a living making music.

The company was founded in 2009 by award-winning Swedish music, TV and Internet entrepreneurs, on the premise that current music rights management for production music – which accounts for approximately 90 percent of all music used in professional TV and online visual content production – is fundamentally flawed, and can not serve the current and future needs of visual content creation as it is increasingly streamed over the Internet and viewed on a wide variety of devices around the world. Headquartered in Stockholm, Epidemic Sound is now the largest supplier of production music to TV in the Nordics.

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