The Logistics of Leadership
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Enterprise Concept is a consultancy company that creatively combines business consultancy with technical execution. The company delivers a highly expertise level in creating and implementing integrated management solution. We focus our main activity in defining, designing and modeling, execution and automation of business processes, in order to transform management and operational procedures of the clients into automated logical processes.

We aim to create so called Business Logical Spaces for our clients. Our holistic approach can be easily described by our Logo: Enterprise Concept- The Logistics of Leadership.

We used to think of an Enterprise as consisting of two parts: Business and Information Technology. Even when we say "IT", we mean first and foremost Technology. However, as we all have learned lately, these two parts do not align easy with each other. We still have this infamous Business-IT gap, which cannot be filled either by business or technological means. It shows us that there is some other substance that should glue them together. We have already identified some parts of this missing "substance" in the form of different Enterprise frameworks such as Enterprise Architecture (EA, SOA, BPM, EPM, etc).

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