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A Wireless Controller Platform
Francois Laberge

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Emotely turns Phones into Wireless Controllers for Web Apps/Games.

The Emotely Platform provides an expanding set of Controllers that can be installed from within their iPhone/Android app. We are focused on making controllers that communicate with anything that runs in a webpage. Types of Controllers include using iPhones as a Video Game Controller, a Media Remote for Video/Music playback, slideshow clickers, browser navigation, and using the iPad for drawing programs instead of your mouse.

No software installation is required on the receiving PC. Once installed on the Mobile Device you can walk up to any PC, open up any Emotely-enabled webpage, and begin controlling it. The communication between the Mobile Device and the PC is at near instantaneous speeds ( Over 60 frames per second, which is faster than the eye can perceive. ).

Third-party developers can use the Emotely SDK to build their own custom Controllers which they can then sell through Emotely's Mobile App using In App Payments or via the Emotely Website. The Controllers are built using HTML/Javascript, so anyone with basic Web Programming skills can easily build a simple Controller in just a few hours. More advanced Controllers that are as sophisticated as Web Applications themselves can end up taking up time in the order of weeks.

More than PCs can be controlled. The early focus is on Controlling Web Applications within Browsers. Their SDK will support hardware integration in the future.

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