The first Emoji only social network and chat app. Users can chat 1-on-1 or post public status messages using the apps custom emoji keyboard
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April, 2014
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Emojicate is the social network that lets you and your friends communicate using the power of Emojicons.

Emojicate is built around posts of 8 characters from its custom emoji keyboard. Emojis are categorised for ease of use & have been created specifically for the app. In addition to the standard emojis Emojicate also offers dynamic emojis, initially in the form of clocks. These dynamic emoji are generated on the fly based upon user inputs.

The app allows users to either post public status updates which can be followed by other users, or to chat one on one with one another. Users can tag their friends in their public status updates, putting their profile pictures into the posts alongside the emojis.

Emojicate is currently available in the Apple app store for iOS devices and is under development for Android.