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ElementsLocal™ is the creator and provider of the Premier Franchise Online Marketing Software System.
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ElementsLocal Franchise online marketing software incorporates brand and reputation management tools, web, social, email and mobile marketing, as well as reporting analytics.

ElementsLocal™ is a software platform developed specifically for the unique challenges and opportunities you face in online franchise marketing. It provides a simple to use dashboard for:

Geo-targeted, local websites for all franchisees Email and SMS marketing for all franchisees Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Blog)

Maximize Search Engine Results

ElementsLocal is proven to maximize search engine results for franchise companies by taking advantage of the hundreds or even thousands of unique franchise locations of the franchise system.

Localized websites with targeted URL’s Creation of relevant network back links to frachisor's website Keyword and meta tag management

Protect Your Brand with BrandProtect™

ElementsLocal software provides franchisors the ability to structure customized local websites. These websites use BrandProtect™ publishing tools to adhere to the brand and web standards of the franchisor while offering each local leader a "controlled" local customization. All content is managed through a "dashboard" administrative center and franchisees are provided limited access to modify content on their local websites.

Comprehensive corporate brand controls Alerts for sensitive or banned words or phrases Publishing approval and work-flow control

Online Marketing Tools

Franchise companies have many challenges when it comes to putting effective marketing tools in the hands of their local business leaders and franchisees. Many times these local leaders have to compete with a local "Mom & Pop" businesses that are entrenched in the local community.

Email campaign manager Social media manager Lead manager Website manager Blog manager Review manager

Franchise Network Reporting

Being able to analyze the nature of your website visitors is critical to increasing the effectiveness and ultimate success of your website. ElementsLocal comes with built-in web statistics, giving you access to information like what websites people are coming from to yours, search engines and keywords, what pages on your website are most popular, and more.

Easy to understand reporting is paramount to understanding which franchise locations are doing well, which ones need improvement and how to leverage what’s working throughout the network. We offer:

Aggregated web site analytics reporting Franchisee web site reporting Franchise Network reporting

Franchisor & Franchisee Support

No software is complete without service and support. The ElementsLocal platform is offered as a Software-as-a-Service to eliminate the need for franchises to have to manage software and rather focus on their online marketing.

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