Company Overview

March 30, 2009
Clean Technology, Mobile, Solar

Elevating the Electric Car



Elecar Inc. is developing the most easy to use and scalable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The Elecar system integrates an online and mobile platform to easily find charging stations and pay for electricity anywhere. The public charging unit will be installable on any street-side or parking lot and will be sold to cities and towns, small and medium businesses, large corporations, real estate developers, condos and apartments, and housing developments. The Elecar charging units will the most inexpensive and best designed charging stations available. They will have an internally housed plug and cord which is easily accessible with the waving of an RFID tagged card. Simple LED notifications eliminate any buttons, screens, or complexity. Elecar will eliminate range anxiety associated with electric cars and fit EV charging seamlessly into the daily routine. Solving the charging problem for EVs will facilitate solving the oil problem for the world.

Funding Rounds (1) - $10k