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May 1, 2013
Matthew Diepenbrock, Eric Noeth, Zachary DeWitt
Boston, MA
Proximity Internet, Local, Search, Messaging, Location Based Services, Social Media
Mobile app that allows users to leave digital messages anywhere in the world for friends to find only when they get to the selected location

Detailed Description


TechCrunch Boston Pitch Off Winner (Nov. 2013)​

Drop Messages lets you leave messages in locations for your friends to discover: when your friends reach the location where you have sent a Drop, they will receive your message, like a virtual sticky note! Set an Upcoming Location to tell your friends where you are headed, so they can leave Drops for you to discover when you arrive.

Drop is a whole new way to stay connected and let your friends or loved ones know you are thinking about them. Start sending (and receiving) surprise messages all over town. Download Drop Messages today!

Some fun ways to use Drop Messages: ​

● Surprise your significant other by leaving them a Drop at work ● Remind yourself to pick up groceries by leaving a Drop near the store ● Get a laugh out of your best friend by leaving them a Drop at your favorite college bar ● Congratulate your parents by leaving them a Drop at their anniversary dinner ● Remind your roommate to record the football game when he gets home by leaving a Drop at your apartment ● Create your own scavenger hunt by leaving Drops around the city for your friends

Here's how it works:

1. Select a location anywhere in the world (check your friends' Upcoming Locations to see where they are headed!) 2. Compose a message (with a picture if you want) and choose recipients 3. Hit Drop It! and your friend will get a notification once they are within the selected Drop radius

Download Drop Messages today and start enjoying leaving and discovering Drops everywhere!

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