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David E. Weekly
A syndicated drone venture fund under the Angelist umbrella that will specifically invest in commercial drone space.

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Drone.VC Syndicate: This is a domain-specific syndicate built to discover and invest in prototype-phase companies working with drones. Investments are intended to be the first money in to these companies, often as early as time of incorporation. Applications are expected to cover a very wide range of geographies and industries, including farming, oil and gas, real estate, retail/delivery, and security/surveillance. We do not plan on investing in military-focused applications or weaponized platforms.

As the founder of the world's largest hackerspace, Hacker Dojo, and Mexico's first seed fund for tech entreprenurs (Mexican.VC), David is well-connected to the global startup community. As an award-winning startup mentor, David has a rich history in mentoring successful startups, including naming Sean Parker's Plaxo (exit to Comcast for >$150m), acting as the lead advisor for Attassa ($Xmm to YouSendIt), advising (exit to Google for >$100m), and dozens of others.