Acquired by Motorola Mobility on March 23, 2011
IPTV software provider
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Dreampark is one of the leading provider of Middleware for any platform - cable, terrestrial or IPTV - in the European market. Dreampark’s Dreamgallery is the most deployed IPTV middleware in Europe. Dreamgallery is a robust and revenue-generating solution delivered to some of the world's first commercial IPTV deployments.

Dreampark’s Dreamgallery maximizes operator flexibility and performance by taking advantage of the powers of open standards, such as HTML and SVG, combined with a comprehensive SDK this allows operators to get full control of their TV portals for customization and regionalization. Dreampark’s strong commitment to provide the best performing browser-based client on the market is based on end user research and has resulted in a unique combination of outstanding user friendliness, openness, flexibility and TV application feel. Dreampark has offices in the Swedish cities of Norrköping, Linköping and Stockholm.