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Turning every image into a shopping cart

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DoBundle turns every image into a shopping cart by promoting brands' products through a community of expert influencers and curators.

Social media is buzzing with lifestyle images promoting products. Users who are inspired by images and want to shop click on them to find and buy the products. However, it is hard to predict where the images will lead; blogs, editorials, shopping websites or image files.

Brands, content publishers and bloggers create these images. They spend money and effort to create high quality content so that it converts into sales or generates commissions. Their images get shared by fans and users who often lose the links back to the source.

When links are lost, users are not led to the source and content creators lose money.

DoBundle solves this problem. It matches a group of products with an image, and their patented technology generates a unique digital stamp to protect the product links. The stamp tracks the images across the web and redirects users to the original source of the image no matter where it is shared. The combination of an image, products and a stamp makes a “bundle.”

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