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November 1, 2009
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The DMA Roadshow brings ten of the most unique and exciting digital media start-ups from around the world to New York to meet with the top advertising agencies in a 3-Day Roadshow.

Our goal is to facilitate better communication between Silicon Valley and Madison Ave so that brands and start-ups can come together to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

The DMA Roadshow is looking for 10 hot new start-ups to travel to NY and work with the agencies to create meaningful marketing partnerships between your company and the global brands they represent. It’s a chance to grow your audience and revenue in a meaningful way.

If you run a start up and monetize your audience with advertising, or if you plan to sell your products or services to brands, please tell us more about your company at http://www.dmaroadshow.com/apply.

What’s the format of the Roadshow? • From the pool of companies that express interest, 10 start-ups are chosen to participate on the 3-Day Roadshow (there is a fee to participate). • The companies will be hosted by the Ad Agencies in their offices with anywhere from 15-30 staff joining the presentations, including clients. • The start-ups will travel to each agency, totaling three sessions per day (9a-11a, 12p-2p, 3p-5p), over a 3-day period. • Each company has 10 minutes total (including Q&A) to present their opportunities. • The sessions will be structured, but conversational, and will last for about 2 hours. • After the presentations, there is a 15-30 min breakout session to network and discuss immediate opportunities before the start-ups move on to the next agency. • Each night, the DMA Roadshow will host a cocktail reception so the agency and company execs can get together in a more informal setting. There is also an invite-only LinkedIn group so that participating members can connect easily after the Roadshow.

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