Funding Received
$5 Million in 3 Rounds from 7 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$3.8 Million Seed on June 29, 2012
August, 2010
Displair is a startup that manufactures next-gen interactive air display screens.
Hardware + Software

Detailed Description


Displair - an innovative developer and producer of gesture-controlled visioning products.The company's product headliner, a stunning 3D-interactive air display, is able to project a user-controlled digital image in mid-air.

Displаir is a display of the new generation. This is an interactive air screen, which projects any multimedia content on air (static images, video, 3D-models) and impacts four out of the five senses: - the sight with the help of a "magic" air screen; - the hearing with an built-in speaker system; - the touch by using an interactive working surface; - the smell by using a aroma unit.

This display can be used anywhere—as a terminal display and advertising media, as a dashboard of your vehicle and an easy screen of a tablet or a mobile phone.

The basis for Displаir is a screen, which is created directly in the air. It cannot be broken. It cannot be stained with fingers. It impresses the viewers and makes fiction a reality. The Displаir device is an air screen generator, a set of receiving devices, a projector and the computer in a single housing. The effect of this unique hi-tech-tool can be even more powerful if supplemented with an aroma unit, a 3D-control system and a special stand reception to provide a stable, uninterrupted operation; due to a screen penetrability, the system can be easily integrated NFC and other identification systems.

The main "trick" of Displаir is its unparalleled interactive system, there are no similar solutions to it world-wide. Thanks to new "machine vision" technologies, the content can be not only managed—it can be created. Besides, there is no need to do it alone, as currently offered by modern computers, and mobile devices. A multi-touch systems processes up to 1,500 simultaneous touches making the number of its users virtually unlimited.

The basic free software of Displair can be complimented by unique programs, fully exploiting its potential and adapting its solution to a variety of business objectives.

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Funding Rounds (3) - $5M


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    Airlike is a cutting-edge mobile application that makes transferring content from your phone easy...

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  • Moscow Office

    Sushevskaya, 27/2

    Business Center "Atmosphera"

    Moscow, 127055


  • Astrakhan Office

    Naberejnaya privoljskogo zatona, 37B

    Astrakhan, 414024


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