September, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
World's First SocialMedia Tour
Chris Rojas, Meridith Valiando
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Detailed Description


DigiTour Media own's the world's first Social Media national concert tour.

In the Spring of 2011, The DigiTour was seen by audiences in twenty-six cities across the US. It showcased the social media stars with a combined two billion views and ten million subscribed fans. DigiTour was founded in 2010 and has operated two successful music tours in 2011 and 2012 receiving critical acclaim in the media (Forbes, HypeBot, LA Business Journal,, Fuse, E! Online, NPR, Perez, Village Voice, KTLA, US Weekly, and On Air with Ryan Secrest).

DigiTour disrupts the traditional concert platform and helps social stars launch solid touring brands that have the ability to bridge the gap between web and the mainstream.

In 2011 all three AMA (American Music Award) honorees in the New Media Category were DigiTour Alum.

The Business Insider stated, “The first show of the YouTube-sponsored DigiTour offered solid proof that musical talent translates from a web cam to a live venue.”

To date The DigiTour has been sponsored by YouTube, Gibson guitars, Neuro drinks, Intel, Sony, and more.

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