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$1.5 Million in 2 Rounds from 4 Investors
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Series B on March 20, 2014 / Undisclosed Amount
DeRev is a platform and active media for creating social innovation through crowdfunding, petitions and open democracy.
Media, Nonprofits, Crowdfunding, Social Media

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TURN YOUR BEST IDEAS INTO REVOLUTIONS DeRev is a platform and active media to create social innovation through crowdfunding, petitions and open democracy.

Discover and take advantage of our tools to gain funding, participation, visibility, feedback and proposals. Winning the support and cooperation of enthusiastic, interested and competent people for your project will help you to turn your cause into a Revolution. Internet is the perfect mean to raise awareness and realize your best ideas. Derev is an active media where on a daily basis thousands of people create contents and launch initiatives, support and back the most deserving projects, discuss and share the best ideas to trigger change. DeRev is a community forum for creative and innovative people who want to change the world for the better. On our platform, the best political, cultural, social and sport events are broadcast and discussed. It is an online destination for dialogue and to exchange ideas, information, projects and cooperation through transparent decisions.

CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION TO CHANGE THE WORLD Only the best ideas produce real change. This is why not all of them suit DeRev's philosophy. Our platform supports the most creative and innovative ones, as well as those that promise to really solve community needs and problems. All campaigns are managed and created independently by their proponents, who can be individuals, associations, political parties, public institutions and companies. DeRev will not be involved in the direct creation of the campaigns.

DeRev offers a variety of tools to realize your project:

CROWDFUNDING With Crowdfunding you can collect money from users for your project. Present it in an effective and compelling way and promise a reward to those who pledge money to it. DeRev has devised three Crowdfunding options to suit different kinds of Revolutions: - ALL OR NOTHING: if your campaign does not reach its funding total in a maximum of 90 days, all contributions will be given back to the supporters. This option works for those campaigns that need to collect at least the projected funding total to start. - KEEP IT ALL: all contributions collected in a maximum of 90 days will be credited to the project's account, even if the campaign does not reach its financial target. This option works for those campaign that can start even if the projected funding total is not reached. - FUNDRAISING: this option has no minimum funding amount, nor time limit. With it, all pledges will be immediately credited to the project's account. It is devised to suit the needs of political parties, public institutions and associations willing to finance an ongoing initiative.

PETITIONS With Petitioning you can launch a petition or protest campaign for viral circulation on the web. Use Petitioning also to sustain electoral campaigns or confirm presences to mass events.

SPEAKER'S CORNER It refers to the world-famous crate, set in a corner of London's Hyde Park which, through time, has been frequented by honorary speakers like George Orwell, Lenin, Carl Mark, Barack Obama and Tony Blair. The Speaker's Corner is a virtual stage where users book a broadcast to go live on air with their webcams. Users can comment and interact with the speaker from a group chat room.

CROWDSOURCING With Crowdsourcing the supporters of a Revolution send feedback, discuss and vote the best campaign proposals.

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