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December 21, 2012
Social Media, Events, Software

Free social online calendar



Dayhaps is an free social online calendar platform. Dayhaps is creating a platform so you have millions of calendars ordered in 1 app. All those calendars are right there for you to reach out of your pocket.

Personal & Business

You can manage your personal and business calendar at 1 place in 1 app. Easily make appointments with friends, family or business contacts in a social environment.

Following Calendars

On Dayhaps you can follow your favorite calendars or create a public calendar which others can follow. So you can follow for example your favorite sports-team, your school schedule (or the schedule of your children), favorite TV shows, favorite artists etc. All those calendars will be visible in your own calendar and when something changes in 1 of the calendars all the followers of that calendar will be notified and the Hap (event) will automatically change on your calendar.

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