Funding Received
$30 Million in 3 Rounds from 7 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$20 Million Series B on October, 2013
Dauria Aerospace is first private hold developer and manufactory low-cost satellites in the Russia.
Mikhail Kokorich
Robotics, Aerospace, Big Data, Analytics

Company Details


Dauria Aerospace develops and manufactures the new generation of low cost, small satellites. The deep reduction of costs combined with the enhanced performance capabilities offered by the new product makes constellations of many satellites financially viable, thus enabling operational services and creating new applications. This has been achieved by utilizing the state of art terrestrial microelectronic and micro-system-technologies.

Based on Dauria’s satellite technologies, the company is planning to deploy constellations of various earth observation and communications satellites to provide frequent vegetation monitoring for precision farming, traffic management, dynamic urban management and polar broadband services. The company works closely with the national governments on the joint financing of these space projects making it possible for the private seed investment to cover a significantly larger range of services. These services will be further enhanced by making them available in a unique service eco-system where they can be combined with other satellite resources and advanced software applications through a cloud based platform - CloudEO. This will foster a new era where space applications enter humans’ daily lives.

CloudEO offers to its customers a secure and highly scalable Geo-Infrastructure to develop, produce and market geo-services. It brings data, software and processing power together within a private cloud environment at a certified hoster. It removes todays prevailing entry barriers to establish affordable geo-services.

Within CloudEO's Geo-Collaboration platform new business models favouring value based pricing and risk and profit sharing are realized. Thus CloudEO is a unique incubation centre for geo-services. It lets all players within the value adding chain, the data provider, the software developer, the value adder, the service provider and the customers of geo-services become partners within a healthy ecosystem. Instead of the current rather small, project driven market a growing geo-market for commercial applications is stimulated.

CloudEO Product Portfolio: As first CloudEO Geo-Infrastructure Services, the CloudEO Workbench and the CloudEO Store are released in their beta version to selected users. The launch is planned within Q4. With the launch on CloudEO Geo-infrastructure already a comprehensive offering of content and software services will be available.

Funding Rounds (3) - $30M


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Investors (7)


Offices/Locations (3)

  • JSK Dauria Aerospace

    BC "Ural", 4th floor

    100 Novaya str

    Skolkovo, 143025


  • Canopus Systems US

    NASA Ames Research Park

    Building 503

    Mountain View, CA 94035


  • CloudEO AG

    Satellite Office, Ludwigstrasse 8

    Munich, 80539 Munich


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