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Cybozu StartUps Inc (Cstap) is the specialized company for the start up business creating new internet services.

Cstap used to be the global business department of Cybozu Inc. (Cybozu), one of the top listed Japanese software companies, and has become a subsidiary company with 100% investment from Cybozu on 2nd of August 2010. Cstap is supporting future entrepreneurs while they are students and establishing independent companies at product basis.

On 29th of March 2010, Cstap has just released the first product "DrCrop" at Android Market. DrCrop is the world first Social Photomontage Service for Android smartphone. The service is conceptionally different from PhotoFunia and Instagram. With DrCrop, users are able to make their own Parts (Called "Effects" in PhotoFunia) by cropping function and create their original photomontages. Users are not locked in set effects. The Photos are sharable on Twitter and Facebook. DrCrop webpage also has its own communication functions. The Chief Product Managers of DrCrop are 20 and 21 years old University students.

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