New York, NY
Crazy Blind Data is an online dating service for individuals in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Austin.
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Crazy Blind Date is a dating service currently running in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Austin. Users fill out a set of questions to help match them to other Crazy Blind Date users, and then indicate at what times and in what neighborhoods they are available for a date. When Crazy Blind Date has a match, they will text you to confirm that you are still available for the date.

Dates can only be scheduled in public venues, and users are given a dedicated SMS number for 30 minutes before their date in order to communicate with each other. After dates, participants log on to a feedback system to log any comments on their date (did the person show up, how did it go, etc.). The feedback is used to try to improve a person's match the next time around.

The people behind Crazy Blind Date also run the web site OkCupid. The idea of taking an in-person dating concept and bringing it on to the web is similar to speed dating offerings from WooMe and SpeedDate.com.

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    Humor Rainbow, Inc.

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