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Tallahassee Florida, FL
Corporate Records Service Tallahassee Florida offers a document preparation service for the corporate industry.
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Detailed Description


Corporate Records Service Tallahassee Florida is a document preparation service which prepares all of the necessary documents to fulfill certain corporation minute keeping requirements. These requirements pertain to corporate meetings including officers, directors and shareholders.

Corporate Records Service Tallahassee Florida is not a government agency and does not have a contract with the government to provide this service. Upon request, Corporate Records Service’s documentation specialists will prepare what is needed for your business compiled within a high quality Minutes Book.

Corporate Records Service PO Box 5618 Tallahassee Florida 32314 EMAIL: RECORDS@CORP-RECORDS.COM CUSTOMER SERVICE # 888-408-0886 WEBSITE: WWW.CORP-RECORDS.COM

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  • Corporate Records FL

    PO Box 5618

    PO Box 5618

    Tallahassee Florida, FL 32314