Acquired by Idera on July 9, 2013
Funding Received
$4.1 Million in 2 Rounds from 2 Investors
Austin, TX
CopperEgg offers server and website monitoring tools to administer, troubleshoot and optimize servers, websites and apps in cloud.
Eric Anderson, Scott Johnson
Enterprise Software

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Server Monitoring and Website Monitoring for your cloud infrastructure by CopperEgg. CopperEgg provides simple, unified, smart, and fast insight into your AWS cloud servers (EC2), websites, web applications, and services to optimize performance and troubleshoot issues in a single pane of glass. The CopperEgg unified dashboard updates every few seconds (not minutes) and reveals details that help uncover previously hidden information, like CPU Steal, and resolve problems before they arise.

SaaS-based service with mobile applications

Real-time monitoring: 5 seconds for servers, 15 seconds for websites

Custom alerting and notifications

Installs in less than 10 seconds

Easily understand server health, load, performance and capacity

Measure web application response time and monitor website uptime

Correlate server issues with web performance problems Supports Linux, Windows, MacOS, and FreeBSD, physical, virtual and cloud

Use CopperEgg in every phase of your operations and application development cycles, from initial design to testing to production. CopperEgg gives you the insight you need to understand what is happening from inside your cloud instances and from outside customer experience.

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    Silverton Partners

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