ConTrust offers a SaaS-based solution that enables users to moderate their content in real-time according to their platform values.
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ConTrust ("Content you can trust") offers a technologically advanced and cohesive SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that enables you to moderate your content in real-time according to your platform values.

As a media platform you need to moderate the level of noise according to the values of your community. This is not an easy challenge and each media platform is charged with the responsibility of finding the right balance between consumer freedom and brand protection.

The ConTrust solution is able to identify content threats including profanity, pornography, racism and brand abuse and block these threats according to a set of levels defined by the platform owner. In addition, the solution protects against traditional security threats such as spam, phishing (scam sites), malware, etc.

ConTrust offers hybrid solution that combines proprietary technology with a user friendly, transparent management application. Content is filtered according to the client's predefined parameters enabling the system to intelligently assign various risk levels to the content.

Content can then be processed according to its risk level both automatically or manually, significantly reducing the workload of moderation staff and associated costs.

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