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November 2, 2012
Conker provides a behavioral and predictive analytics tool that automates the analytical process of enterprises.
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Detailed Description


Conker provides low touch, self-service, next generation predictive behavioural data analytics that automates and hides complexity and has customer behaviour at its core.

THE PROBLEM: Current predictive data analytics tools are confusion and misinformation engines. They don't adapt to growing data needs, are inaccessible, miss behaviour and are ridiculously priced.

They are... COSTLY: $150k to $1million+ deployments & Large enterprise support costs

INEFFICIENT: Take 9-30 months to integrate and deploy & 70 days to get a predictive model

INACCURATE: Algorithms only use a limited number (typically 6-20) of the available variables & An analyst must choose these from the 100's if not 1000's available introducing human bias

THE SOLUTION: Conker deliver next generation behavioural segmentation and predictive analytics tools

That are...

LOW TOUCH: Our solutions has low user-skill requirements, if you can use a calculator you can use Conker. & We automate complex data preparation, behavioural analysis and predictive modelling tasks so the user doesn't have to do them and can focus on results and not processes!

SELF SERVICE: Trial Download that lets a user try before they buy. & A unique user interface built from the ground up to make data exploration intuitive, easy on the eye and rewarding.

NEXT GENERATION: Ours solution has been built from the ground up to handle ever increasing volumes of Data, 100’s to 1000’s of customer variables can be handled at any given time.

Proprietary enhanced predictive algorithms that are unencumbered by legacy statistical and analytics approaches.

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