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$2 Million in 1 Round from 4 Investors
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$2 Million Seed on October 8, 2008
CollegeWikis is a group messaging and information platform for students.
Joe DiPasquale
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Company Details

3 in CrunchBase is the leading group messaging and information platform for students by students. Since its launch last year, CollegeWikis has become the group messaging platform of choice for over 50,000 students in more than 200 colleges, with over 600,000 topics.

On CollegeWikis, students can join groups for their school, courses, dorms, and more; then send and follow group messages to peers. Those messages then become wiki-editable pages on the site, providing information that is always accurate and searchable by others.

The original idea for the site came from Founder Joe DiPasquale's experience in business school. He told us: "We had an email list for our class year, through which hundreds of messages were sent per week. But students faced two problems: the absence of group lists that we really wanted, like for our dorm or courses; and all the great content sent out over the list was soon buried in people’s email inboxes. CollegeWikis not only provides these groups but also captures their content."

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    CollegeWikis is a site full of wikis for specific colleges. The site, which is built off of...

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