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Cloudup allows users to share streams of anything – video, photos, music, links and files – instantly and easily.

By simply dragging and dropping, Cloudup users can create streams of anything - videos, links, documents, pictures, songs, etc - and generate a shareable link that they can send to anyone (whether or not the recipient has an account). Cloudup focuses extensively on making the sharing experience seamless and gorgeous for both the sharer and the recipient to remove any and all friction for everyone involved.

To complement the web app, Cloudup offers native desktop apps for Mac (OSX 6 and higher) and Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8). The desktop applications offer the same streaming functionality as the web app, but with added enhancements like screenshot auto-detection and directory uploading.

Users get 1000 items for free, each up to 200MB, allowing up to 200GB of free space for sharing whatever, whenever.

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