Funding Received
$17.5 Million in 2 Rounds from 4 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$12.5 Million Series B on March 31, 2008
San Diego, CA
Chumbi is a San Diego-based company developing compact devices for internet and LAN access via Wi-Fi connections
Steve Adler, Ken Steele, Andrew Huang, Duane Maxwell, Steve Tomlin
Web Tools, Computers, Hardware + Software

Company Details


Chumby Industries closed its doors in December 2011, and laid off all of its employees. Since then, the service has been maintained by a small group of volunteers, and paid for by a succession of companies. The volunteers were notified that the funding would cease at the end of February, 2013, with the prospect of the devices being rendered completely useless.

Chumby is an open-source hardware device that allows owners to connect wirelessly to the Chumby network and add different content widgets and applications as they become available through Chumby's developer network. Additionally, users can modify the hardware arrangements to turn their Chumby into a universal remote control or other functions their imagination and intellect allows for. The device is about the size of a football and comes preloaded with an LCD screen, speakers, USB ports, and memory and storage.

Some examples of widgets and uses for the Chumby are as music players for your mp3/mp4a libraries, viewers for Flickr and Facebook photos, RSS readers, and eBay auction trackers. A insider's release is currently available as of December 2007, with an official launch expected at some point in early 2008.

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    Chumby was launched in 2007

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  • 3969df6de3dc6b1fe3d0fde7926b9113

    JK&B Capital

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    Avalon Ventures

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  • 716a8c806a2ef53b989969c2ec0786a5

    Masthead Venture Partners

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    12264 El Camino Real Suite 203

    San Diego, CA 92130


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