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Cheerboo is a website and iOS application that let users gauge public opinion on any topic.

Right now, there is no central repository for opinions on the web. There’s Yelp for places and Amazon for products, but what about everything else? On Facebook and Twitter, opinions aren’t aggregated, preserved or searchable outside the social graph.

Cheerboo solves this problem by having a social feed and also organizing conversations around dedicated topic pages where opinions are preserved and aggregated. The site uses a binary rating system that makes sharing your opinion as easy as clicking a “cheer” or “boo” button. After sharing your opinion, the site creates a Rotten Tomatoes style “Cheer Score” that lets users quickly gauge public opinion on any topic. The Cheer Score is an accurate reading of public opinion because you have to either “cheer” or “boo” in order to submit a comment, so no opinion is ever lost.

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    Palo Alto, CA