Acquired by Room 77 on March 28, 2013
January 1, 2013
Mobile Hotel Check-in
Drew Patterson, Anthony Maggio, Adam Rugel
Enterprise Software, Travel, Mobile

Detailed Description


CheckMate is a global platform that enables hotels and distributors to deliver amazing guest service.

CheckMate’s white-labeled technology allows hotels and distributors to provide a better experience for hotel guests through timely mobile services. Through CheckMate’s platform, travelers can request room preferences, communicate arrival times, receive last-minute upgrade offers, submit loyalty numbers, and receive room status alerts and other direct communication from the hotel in advance of arrival. Hotels use CheckMate to streamline check-in and allow guests to bypass the lines and wait at the front desk, while generating revenue from upsell offers.

CheckMate’s platform is compatible with all hotel property management systems (PMS). Hotels looking to execute the service do not need to purchase new hardware; there are no development or installation fees, and hotel training and onboarding is quick and easy. The guest experience is white-labeled under the hotel’s brand, so it extends the hotel’s service promise. Partner hotels pay a monthly fee to access the service and, in return, CheckMate’s mobile and online upgrade tools allow hotels to promote special offers on premium inventory and amenities to increase RevPAR.

Implementation is also easy for other distribution partners like travel agents and search engines, enabling them to provide their customers with enhanced service at any hotel. This enhances branded customer service, and partners can leverage CheckMate’s room intelligence data to request specific room categories and preferences on behalf of the guest.

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