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May, 2012
Laurie Gane, Francis Gane
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The unsigned musicians paradise!



Chartburst connects talented unsigned musicians with some of the worlds biggest and most respected record labels.

There are ten user-voted charts. Each chart represents a different genre of music. Every two weeks the top five tracks with the most votes are forwarded to some of the biggest labels in that genre for consideration. They are then reviewed by a professional A&R (talent scout) or Producer at that label and a feedback form is returned to each of the artists to help them progress their music.

Chartburst is different from the rest as it has built up an enviable list of top record labels and industry professionals who have discovered some of the best musicians on the planet. As an unsigned musician, getting in touch with these people has been virtually impossible which is the primary reason for the existence of Chartburst. We're here to bridge the gap between the artist and the industry and provide... See More

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