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$2 Million Angel on December 1, 2006
April 3, 2006
San Jose, CA
CellSpin provides a suite of social networking applications for online media.
Ian Fung
Cloud Data Services, Blogging Platforms, E-Commerce, Video Streaming, Social Network Media, Facebook Applications, Photography, Audio, Video, Networking, Mobile, Advertising

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CellSpin has a suite of social networking applications for online media - featuring our new SOCIAL AD PLATFORM, plus our Mobile Blogging App and the Social Media Hub.

The new SOCIAL AD PLATFORM gives advertisers, ad networks and publishers the ability to seamlessly integrate real-time social media feeds inside any display ad unit. It converts the typical "static ad unit" into a "real-time multimedia enable interactive social unit." Most display ads today are limited to adding an image, an animated gif, or some Flash-based feature...but that has its limits...CellSpin's Social Ad Platform is HTML-based, which means you can now have a custom interactive ad with full multimedia capability within the display ad unit — giving advertisers the ability to capture Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers and launch Skype calls. And since it's completely HTML5 compatible, it works on all tablets and smart phones, too.

The mobile app enables the instant sharing and publishing of all types of content to any website or social media platform from any device.

The Social Media Hub gives our customers the ability to embed a seamless social networking experience into their own websites — which enables them to make their website the center of their social graph — and successfully monetize their social network. The Social Media Hub enables online media companies to dramatically improve the way they interact online with their users — and significantly increase revenues.

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    Ian Fung

    Software Architect and Co-Founder
    2006 - Jan, 2008

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