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San Francisco, CA
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CauseRocket is the first model for commerce that allows merchants to acquire prepaid new customers with no upfront cost or risk and without the deep discounts (and 50% commissions) of daily deals. We've figured out how merchants can get what they want - while also giving their hard earned marketing dollars to worthwhile cause and charity partners who send them new customers - instead of to high priced daily deal vendors.

In the U.S, over $300 Billion is given to causes and charities each year, the vast majority of it from individuals and foundations. Meanwhile, over $150 Billion is spent each year on advertising by marketers - much of it wasted on "interruption marketing". We see an opportunity to bridge these two worlds. By combining pay-for-performance marketing for merchants, with a highly scalable merchant-funded fundraising model for causes, we hope to pioneer a new and improved model for commerce.

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  • Office

    153 Townsend St.

    Suite 9085

    San Francisco, CA 94107


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