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Calspan Corporation provides airborne research, development, and test and evaluation services. Its services include accident data analysis; aerodynamics and flying quality analysis; airborne simulation, systems test, and evaluation; aircraft parameter identification and seating testing; altitude chamber; auxiliary test facilities; ballistics and ordnance research, testing, and testing ranges; barrier testing options; bumper testing; component testing; customer support; data acquisition/reduction, quality, and recorders; derivative assessment testing; design and fabrication; impact testing; fabrication and machining; and fixed barrier testing. The company’s services also include flying qualities analysis, handling qualities short courses, heavy vehicle event data recorders, instrumentation, integration, model integrity, model sizing, moving barrier testing, ordnance testing, photographic capabilities, pilot-vehicle interface test and evaluation, roof crush and side door testing, safety research, seat and seat belt testing, semi-span testing, systems engineering, test requirements, test support, and test types, as well as flight control analysis, control system test and evaluation, and dynamics and handling qualities courses. In addition, the company provides upset recovery training, validation testing, van conversion systems, variable-stability in-flight simulator test aircrafts, vehicle engineering, and weapons integration testing, as well as test equipment, and facility design and integration; and tire research, research facility, and rolling resistance machines. Calspan Corporation was formerly known as Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory. The company was founded in 1972 and is based in Buffalo, New York. Calspan Corporation is a prior subsidiary of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, Inc.

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