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Allow your team to respond to sales or support enquiries by sending personalized, branded videos directly to a buyer's smart phone or email.

BUZZcard is an enterprise grade cloud based online video marketing system. It allows organizations to efficiently create, maintain and distribute libraries of product, service and training videos. It’s a powerful way to leverage your corporate videos, video advertising, online video marketing and content marketing. With BUZZcard, marketing teams can supply sales teams with searchable libraries of short videos directly to their desktop, tablet or mobile. It’s easy for salespeople to download these videos for sales presentations. Best of all, they can quickly forward a relevant video to a potential buyer – straight to their email or cell phone - a compelling way to enhance conversion.

Our video production tools make creating, publishing, distributing, tracking and personalizing video messages an efficient process. All your sales and support videos can be stored in a cloud based library so your salespeople can leverage them through their mobile devices. Your marketing team or agency can protect your brand by setting privilege levels that determine how much each sales person can personalize the videos prior to sending.

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