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broolz develops and sells software that helps users share (publish), collaborate and backup their folders to their own, private clouds without the need for third party servers.

broolz was founded to provide the user with the facility to share and backup their files. Users are able to share their files as read-only or read-write, meaning others can then change those files and have those changes picked up by the user. It has been developed using peer to peer (p2p) technologies with an easy to use and pleasing to look at interface.

While most sync and backup software available uses an internet cloud based approach (where the user backs up their data to the providers servers or synchronizes their files between computers via those servers), the broolz approach is very different. Users are able to create their own, private clouds of people that they trust and want to share their data with. All files to be shared then go directly to the recipients, without being sent via third party servers over the internet. This provides speed and security advantages.

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    broolz provides the user with an easy to use and attractive means of sharing and collaborating on...

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