High resolution live audio for the connected home, studio or sound stage.

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They represent an evolutionary shift in home networking, and a revolution in live audio. Until now live audio and video have been second-class citizens on the home network. That is about to change with Ethernet AVB, where media stream gets it's own reserved bandwidth and every Ethernet frame of every stream is synchronized to millisecond accuracy across the network. No more delayed starts and stops, no more hiccups and stuttering for reasons unexplained.

It's time that an Ethernet cable should work as well as your AV cables for delivering zero-latency 24/96 live digital audio and even 4K high definition live video between devices. The Brick is our first such device, a network switch designed for no-compromise live audio and video streaming.'s founder, John Gildred, is a veteran consumer electronics and network engineering manager and product manager with a passion for well-designed, revolutionary products. Built upon IEEE 802.1 standards, the Brick is a beautifully designed and simply elegant piece of networking hardware.

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