Funding Received
$27.5 Million in 2 Rounds from 7 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$7.5 Million Series D on May 2, 2012
Irvine, CA
Brand Affinity Technologies (BAT) connects brands and audiences with prominent influencers for use in cross-platform campaigns.
Ryan Steelberg

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Brand Affinity Technologies, or BAT, the latest venture of Ryan & Chad Steelberg. BAT unlocks the marketing power of celebrity through research, endorsements and interactive experiences.

Celebrity & Research: Under the Steelbergs leadership, BAT has secured exclusive relationships with over 3750 athletes and celebrities. As well, BAT's research engine tracks real-time consumer affinity metrics for more than 45,000 athletes and celebrities. The research engine is a hallmark of the Steelbergs’ approach to entrepreneurship; because it applies proprietary, robust technology to a business in order to dramatically increase market adoption and growth.

Endorsements: Advertisers use BAT’s Endorsement Platform to identify, license, and activate the most effective talent for their campaigns. BAT’s technology makes the process of securing endorsement talent much easier and more cost-efficient for advertisers. Instead of six-month contract negotiations and six-figure budgets, advertisers can activate endorsement campaigns featuring the most effective talent for a given campaign in a matter of days, and for a fraction of the cost. BAT powers endorsement opportunities across all media including TV, radio, digital, social, and outdoor, to name a few. Some of BAT’s advertiser clients include AT&T, Ford, General Motors, InterContinental Hotels, Intuit, McDonalds, Samsung, and Sony.

Interactive Experiences: In December 2010, Brand Affinity Technologies (BAT) launched Fantapper, a new technology developed exclusively for entertainment and sports fans, based upon fast-growing interest in connecting with celebrities online. Fantapper populates celebrity and athlete images and stories online with relevant, interactive apps, giving people always-on access to proprietary content, news, YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook feeds, exclusive celebrity info, and more. More than 700,000 fans have already downloaded Fantapper. Leading web sites, reaching more than 100 million unique users every month – also run the Fantapper application.

BAT’s high-paced growth can be attributed to the merits of BAT’s technology as well as the Steelbergs’ vision for mutually beneficial, business-accelerating partnerships with some of the most influential media, advertising, and sports companies in the country. BAT’s partnerships include:

· CBS Outdoor · Fox Sports · Getty Images · GMR Marketing · Hearst Media · Major League Baseball Players Association · Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association · Microsoft Advertising · PepsiCo · RCA/Jive · 94 talent agencies, including UTA, Athletes First and BDA Sports

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    Brand Affinity Technologies (BAT) is a technology and marketing services company focused on...
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    In December 2010, Brand Affinity Technologies (BAT) launched Fantapper, a new technology...

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