October, 2008
New York, NY
BHV became Scout Ventures that supports early stage companies in the media, technology and entertainment sectors.
Bradley C. Harrison
Entrepreneur, Finance, Business Development, Venture Capital

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As of July 2013 BHV became Scout Ventures.

Read more: Follow us: @crunchbase on Twitter | crunchbase on Facebook BHV is a strategic business development firm with a small venture capital fund to support early stage companies in media, technology and entertainment.

BHV works with transformational technologies that disrupt an established business model.

BHV's primary focus is where media and entertainment companies (content distribution hubs) impact consumers and their rapidly evolving tech-enhanced lifestyle. BHV's secondary focus is content creation.

By analyzing consumer behavior through proprietary technology platforms, BHV understands the challenges brands have connecting and communicating with their increasingly fragmented and unfocused audience.

At this intersection, BHV leverages operational experience and strategic relationships to aggregate audience and/or monetization.

To add scale for our companies in other critical business functions (marketing, creative services, etc), BHV relies on leveraging established strategic partners to provide a full complement of New Media solutions.

Finally, when the combination of the entrepreneur, technology and BHV's experience presents the right opportunity, BHV will invest proprietary capital.

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