Funding Received
$4.8 Million in 2 Rounds from 4 Investors
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$4.8 Million Series A on February 4, 2014
Louisville, CO
email bounce intelligence
Scott Brown
Advertising, Email, Security

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For 32 years, bounced email has been ignored. At, we are turning bounces into a new user experience, a new revenue channel and new threat intelligence.

Mailbox Providers: If you manage an email system for a living, you know that 20% of your email resources are chewed up managing bounces generated by your users. Routing those bounces through, you can improve the user experience and turn that cost into profit. Enhanced and sponsored bounce notification is easy and fast to setup and creates a new source of revenue to offset your operations costs.

Domain Owners: Capture the lost email sent to your domains and respond in real-time with a sponsored bounce notification. This simple action turns latent email traffic on your domains into a real and recurring revenue stream. All of this is super easy to setup and doesn't cost a dime. Add your domains and watch the revenue roll in.

Anti-spam/Security: Every day processes massive volumes of spam sent to our millions of managed email domains. Now, you can leverage this stream of data as one of the worlds largest spam trap networks. Since the vast majority of these domains have never been instrumented for email, it's what we like to call an 'organic honeypot.'

Funding Rounds (2) - $4.8M


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