Funding Received
$158.9 Thousand in 2 Rounds from 2 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$142.7 Thousand Seed on February 1, 2012
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Blooie is a real-time engagement platform for online businesses to personally engage with their customers to increase conversations.
Andrew Manson
Messaging, Ediscovery, Content, Social Media, Chat, Analytics

Company Details


Blooie is a brand new tool for people who do business online and want to engage in real-time conversations with their customers, to improve satisfaction and drive conversion.

We are a real-time engagement platform driven, by powerful user and site analytics. Developed as a tool for people who do business online - people that want to engage personally with their customers in order to increase conversion.

Blooie helps a site or business owner to do three things really well:

1. Have informed, real-time conversations with users to increase your conversions Blooie shows you on-site user, so any conversations you have are informed to give you a better chance for conversion.

2. Track conversions Blooie provides you with a dashboard to show the number of conversions per page view and per session and how many of these you converted through conversations with Blooie.

3. Host user conversations on your site Keep users on your site for longer by letting them chat through Blooie. Blooie allows your users to chat to you, other Blooie users, or their Facebook and Twitter friends, all without leaving your site.

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    Northstar Ventures

    Based in Newcastle, Northstar is a venture capital firm with over £80m under management....
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    IP Group Plc

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    Suite 3, Floor 3, Adamson House

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