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BIT TV is a live HD streaming social networking site that enables professional broadcasters to monetize their videos and screenings.
Sean Stewart
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BIT-IPTV is a Live HD streaming social networking site for professional broadcasters who want the best video quality and more control over their platform. BIT-IPTV was started in order to be a provider that helps broadcasters keep their show at its peak performance while allowing them to profit from what they love. Player colors, text, background images, banners, etc. are left completely to the broadcaster’s discretion. They can invite co-hosts and guests who are broadcasting simultaneously from across the globe. They can choose what (if any) ads to place on their page, where and for how long.

BIT-IPTV also provides a variety of options for users to monetize their videos and broadcasts. Pay per view, Video on Demand and links for Google Adsense, are all at the finger tips of every user. And, with connections to Twitter, myspace, Facebook, and the ability to upload YouTube videos and blog, BIT-IPTV is a formidable networking and marketing tool. Open to people from all walks of life, the BIT-IPTV platform levels the playing field and provides a forum for independent music artists, radio stations, and non-profit organizations, to mix with both the average user and bigger corporations.

Another priority of BIT-IPTV is focusing on integrating live streaming and HD quality. Making true HD streaming possible for both live and recorded events, BIT-IPTV strives to connect viewers and allow them to watch and interact with real time broadcasted events from across the globe. With a unique blend of video compression and streaming, videos require virtually no buffering time and can be viewed on mobile phones or screens of 40 inches or larger, allowing user’s to reach audiences like never before.

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