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San Diego, CA
BidsList is a third party verification source for consumers to find quality professionals for their needs.
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San Diego, CA- BidsList has created a new process to verify licensed businesses and quality freelancers for the purpose of providing consumers with an exclusive directory of reliable contractors, freelancers and businesses. BidsList is a company striving to make a positive difference for consumers in an unstable economic time. Their goal is provide the ultimate resource for services that are reliable and fairly priced. BidsList has created a verification process that businesses, freelancers and contractors must pass in order to be admitted into their community. The payoff for them is access to consumers in need of their services as well as the authentic certificate BidsList presents to each verified business after the verification screening is approved. The company was established in San Diego and has done exceedingly well there. Now the company is expanding its boundaries to offer services to the rest of the United States. The company is relatively new, but it is an up and coming business that offers consumers access to services in various industry fields. Essentially, the way BidsList works is that consumers are able to post projects through the portal for various vendors and service providers to bid on. This not only gives the consumer the opportunity to get free estimates for the services they need but it also provides a stable and secure marketplace businesses operating in various industries to offer their services. Naturally, it is important that BidsList be able to guarantee that the members of their community are legitimate, trustworthy businesses. To that end the company has established an entirely new system of verification that all freelancers, businesses, and contractors must pass in order to be considered a member.Freelancers active on other portals that have excellent records will also be considered for membership. Currently it is possible for consumers to find contractors to do a large number of services through BidsList, including construction projects and online marketing projects. Business owners and freelancers will be happy to discover that there are several tiers of membership. There is a one-time verification fee of $20 and the three membership tiers range in price from a mere $3.33 to $5.00 a month.
As BidsList expands further into the thriving online marketplace, their goal is to continue to add categories of service industries. These would include restaurants, nightlife businesses and other types of businesses that consumers are on the lookout for. Ultimately, this company offers a service that is as valuable to consumers as it is to businesses and freelancers. The economy has made the business market extremely competitive and it is becoming more and more difficult for consumers to find reliable resources just as businesses are struggling to find consumers to invest in their products. BidsList provides a space where business can go on as usual, without all of the uncertainties associated with other online resources. Consumers, freelancers and businesses interested in becoming members or posting projects for work should visit and take advantage of the service BidsList is offering.

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    Chad Browne

    Director of Business Development
    Jan 10, 2012 - Nov 27, 2012

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  • Bidslist Mailing Address

    10531 4S Commons Drive #512

    San Diego, CA 92127


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